Smog Paint

Due to the fact that we have been repeatedly asked about possible creations based on fighting air pollution, we decided to try out a few ideas that came to our minds.

Initially, we needed to gather as much information as possible about air pollution in Warsaw. To do that, we built a special box fitted with a Stevenson screen and two pollution absorbers. One was based on active carbon, the second one was based on various filters.

During the two weeks of testing this setup close to a busy city road, the IoT-based solution not only allowed us to track the amount of particles in polluted air, but also to measure humidity and temperature.

We examined the filters and based on collected data we created a finished product – the Smog Paint.

The paint was created by reusing pollution particles and is currently ready to use to cover any surface.

The entire process is fully scalable and allows us to create many different types of paint.

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