Isobar Explorer

Challenge – to create space rover ready to explore any office space. Moreover –  to create innovative communication platform and make it possible to set video/audio transmission between user and employer.

We decided to develop this interactive platform in Flash and C – that was the only right way to do it in such a short time. The drive gear mechanism was created from LEGO NXT elements ( and it connects with AIR app installed on NEXUS 7 tablet via Bluetooth. The tablet is a “brain” and the eye of the robot cam. On one side, AIR app on tablet is connected with the drive gear mechanism (ANE Bluetooth), and on the other, it connects with the FMS server via WI-FI. The server enables the life streaming action. The app responsible for steering, queuing etc. also connects with an FMS server and it is available on

My role in project: Creative Tech. / Project Leader.

Awards: 2xKTR, 1xFWA

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