RBK turningtables

To promote RBK Club C shoes in an innovative way, which reflected it’ s classic character, we had to stay true to its roots.

We created 4 custom made installations, based on Arduino-controlled step engines, with 3d printed elements, and real old skool vinyls.

Each installations consisted of three “turntables” with vinyl records with a single RBK Club C shoe on top.

Each turntable was spinnin’ at a different pace. We asked people to stop them By pressing the red button within 30 seconds.

If they managed to stop it at the right moment – when the shoes where in a parallel position – they would get an instant prize: a discount voucher.

As for the results: 4 installations visited 7 shops in 3 different countries – we had hundreds people engaged with the product and 15 % of winners.

But most importantly, we managed to keep it real.

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